Data Rabbit API is a robust real estate data solution designed to make working with real estate data simple and normalized for any brokerage, insurer, lender, or developer.


You will need two things to start with:

  1. The API Keys provided to you in your Data Rabbit User Portal
  2. A HTTP Client. For example, we recommend Postman.

The first step is to authenticate yourself to the API and to the servers you are calling. That means providing the Client ID and Client Secret (“API Keys”) provided to you as a Data Rabbit client.

We use OAuth for access delegation. This example of your OAuth request.

client_id=<your client id>&
client_secret=<your client secret>

You should expect the following response:


“access_token”:”<your access token>”,


The Data Rabbit API is organized around REST. Your endpoint is:

For a query, you can filter and sort by any of the fields pulled from the MLS listing data. You can also limit the return to as little as 1 result.

The operators are:

Equal to- eq
Greater than- gt
Greater than or equal to – ge
Less than – lt
Less than or equal to – lie