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Standardize and simplify data across multiple markets

As your business grows into new markets, it gets increasingly difficult to manage MLS data across your agent tools.

Data Rabbit API can help you reduce the cost and increase the usefulness of your data feeds by bringing multiple data sources into one system.

The Data Rabbit API, built on industry leading RESO standards, can fully import and make all ListHub® data (yes, including nationwide) searchable and usable meeting RESO standards. That means quick and reliable access to over 1.4 million listings nationwide.

We support the RETS Data Dictionary standard and RESO Web API standard. Our API is meant to work with the existing tools for your business and increase your ROI.

4 Ways to Increase Leads

Never lose a mobile lead! With Data Rabbit API®, your buyers will be able to search and view properties on their mobile devices as easily as they could search on their desktop.

Your listings are completely secured using SSL technology (the same as your bank). To get access you must have a valid membership with your local MLS. This keeps you in compliance with your board and keeps your listing data secure.
We do more than simply serve listings, we give our customers a complete dashboard where they can analyze searches on their site in real-time. View what properties buyers are searching for, what listings they’re viewing, and a dozen other data points to help increase your leads!
Our API is fast and searches are cached automatically.

This means that buyers spend more time looking at listings and running searches on your site. The longer they stay, the more likely they are to contact you!

3 Simple Steps to Get you Started with Data Rabbit API



Contact us when you have your RETS or ListHub® credentials to access the data. If you’re unsure how to gain access, we can help get you started.



We’ll connect the RETS or ListHub® listings to our database and then we’ll give you API access.



After you get API access to your data, you can build listings and property searches into your website or mobile app.

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