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One API, Multiple MLSs

Data Rabbit specializes in translating MLS data through a single consistent RESO Web API.

As your business grows into new markets, it gets increasingly difficult to manage MLS data across multiple sources. Data Rabbit API is able to locate, connect to, and standardize any number of MLS data sets into one API that can be used for search, data analysis, and more.


It doesn’t matter which MLS data source you use. Data Rabbit API can normalize the data and rebuild it in the same, consistent format.

Data Rabbit API, built on industry leading RESO standards, can fully import and make MLS data searchable and usable.

You don’t have to waste time with multiple APIs and data sources anymore. Data Rabbit API provides listings, geocoding, and all listing photos — everything you’ll need to make more informed and faster investment decisions.

As defined by RESO, “Data Dictionary is the solution: a standard that ensures every system can speak the same language. It defines real estate data in consistent terms and structures.” Data Rabbit API follows the Data Dictionary Standard.

All current listing photos are provided.

Data is normalized, no matter the source.

Compatible with any listing source.

Import is quick and seamless.

Data is updated every hour.

Built to import all fields.

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