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$349/ month
  • Base Cost
  • Covers 1 feed + set-up


$299/ feed / month
  • Base Plus
  • Each Additional Feed


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  • Best for Multi-State Firms
  • 20 or more feeds
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Data Rabbit API FAQs

That depends on the number of feeds that you will be utilizing. Our base price of $349 per month covers your first feed and, generally, set-up fees. Each additional feed after that is $299 per month.
The base cost of $349 per month covers one of those feeds. The remaining five are each $299 per month. So for six feeds, you’d pay $1,844 per month. 
All payments will be made via credit card through our secure payment processing system. All charges will occur on a monthly basis based upon the day that you initially registered (unless otherwise specified). Prior to any automatic payment, you will be sent an invoice letting you know of the upcoming charge. A receipt confirming your purchase will be sent once payment has been completed.

Even though you will have to sign a sales agreement, there are no longterm commitments. You pay by the month and can cancel at any time.

There are no fees associated with cancelling. We require 10 days’ notice to cancel and written intent to cancel submitted to billing@datarabbitapi.io

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